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Training in aerial yoga using silks with handles and a hammock to increase strength and flexibility while exploring anti-gravity benefits.

Teacher training for aerial yoga high inversion in silks with hammock and handles.

elevated.rocks training

Offering continuing education for fitness professionals, certification, and workshops for fitness enthusiasts. Learn how to safely hang out using a silk sling.


Learn how to safely teach Aerial King Pigeon Pose - Eka Pada Rajakapotasna.

Level One

Learn the Fundamentals

10 hours in-person. 19 online videos. Color manual with over 75 exercises including class sequencing. Private online support group.

Learn how to safely do an Aerial Forward Bend - Paschimottanasana.

Level Two

Expand Skills, Sequencing, and Flow

10 hours in-person. Color manual. Mentoring. Online videos.

Learn how to safely teach Aerial Tree Pose - Vriksasana.

Level Three

Become elevated.rocks Certified

Lead group classes and private sessions. Become elevated.rocks Certified by successfully completing all 3 levels and holding a comprehensive movement certification as well as CPR certification.

Learn how to teach aerial yoga in silks with hammock and handles and enjoy aerial splits.


Where do you offer aerial yoga trainings?

We partner with aerial arts facilities, movement studios, and fitness clubs in Jacksonville, FL. We also provide trainings throughout the United States.

Will you come to my studio to offer an aerial yoga training?

Absolutely! We would love to provide a training at your studio.

What's the benefit of the yoga hammock with handles compared to aerial silks?

After years of testing and training on a variety of apparatus, we feel that the yoga hammock with handles provides superior ease of use across multiple fitness environments, populations, and demographics.

Set ups for movements and exercises are precise, easy, and safe. As well, the yoga hammock with handles set at 3 heights offers tremendous verstatility in training potential.

From a therapeutic yin style to aerial arts in silks to strength and conditioning similar to TRX and Bodhi, we feel the apparatus beautifully meets multiple modalities which means you may offer extremely varied fitness programming from one piece of equipment.

Do you prefer a particular brand of aerial yoga equipment?

Yes! We love the OmGym brand. The yoga sling and handles are made with meticulous detail and with high safety standards. We have owned one of our OmGyms for nearly a decade and with regular use, it still looks brand new.

Do you offer any discounts on the aerial yoga slings, hammocks, and handles?

Yes! While our work is to train individuals, we do have a wonderful relationship with the OmGym manufacturer and have been able to offer discounted units for studios that host our trainings as well as attendees.

What's the material or fabric used for aerial yoga?

While commonly referrred to as silks, aerial yoga, and anti-gravity yoga, the material used is not silk. For safety and the general fitness population, silk is too slippery.

What we prefer, due to its high resiliency, is a "parachute" material. The material does not give or stretch. As well, it is designed to hold weight. We always think safety first.

I am not young and thin, can I do aerial yoga or suspension yoga?

Absolutely! We work with men and women of all sizes, shapes, and ages. We respect your hesitation. We love that you are interested.

Highy trained instructors, Lisa Long and Shannon Burbridge, offer safe and effective fitness programs in Florida and the Southeast.

Master Teacher Trainers

Lisa Long

Shannon Burbridge

Leading the fitness industry in Florida and the Southeast for nearly 30 years, Lisa Long and Shannon Burbridge have trained 1,000's of movement teachers in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, CPR, and Pole Dance Fitness.

Both women command detailed knowledge about anatomy and how the body works. Combined with precise cueing and a strong desire to impart knowledge and wisdom based on experience, they serve as highly respected mentors and consultants to fellow fitness professionals.

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